Brina returned from America last week. It was a short but very intensive experience. Each concert was so different from the other, a different atmosphere, approach and of course the audience. It was like we had a different repertoire in different venues. Which we in fact had, because before the beginning of each concert, we wanted first to feel the stage, and only then make a suitable choice of songs. It is important how you put songs together and in what order. When I came back from the States, I was asked at an interview, which song means the most to me. I said, that I can't tell, because if I say one, the others will be 'offended'. And then I realized that the same song always has a different character when you put it in between two different songs. To me all the songs at one concert are important as a whole. Sometimes they connect to one another so mysteriously and amazingly. The context changes.

Of course, there is a big difference if what you play in a theatre, where the scenery is glorious, like in the concert at
Bloomington's Lotus Festival! You could feel the audience admires and respects our music in a quiet manner, with a certain distance, which you can have only in theatre. But I could still feel them there, how slowly but intensely their energy came to us, and back to them.

The next day, we first had a concert in a park, on a sunny day, the children were playing and I felt we were in the middle of everything. People there didn't come only to amuse themselves, but they came to listen, enjoy the sun and the music, they came to find out something new. At the end of that concert the sun started to shine even more, because the IVE – International Vocal Ensemble from the University came to join us on stage and sang together with us Sijaj, Sijaj Soncece, which means Let the Sun Shine (it is a Slovenian traditional song). The band received all the needed energy for the next concert the same evening in a fantastic club
The Bluebird. There we could put al the energy out, it was our final gig and it felt like we had no restrains, limits ... 

Two concerts that are anchored in my mind now, looking back, were the concerts in
Toronto's Lula Lounge in a Small World Festival in Canada and Mo Pitkin's in
New York City.

There is a great review from a concert at Lula Lounge with fantastic photos:

After the concert we met a couple Slovenians born Canadian. It impressed me that they actually could identify with this music, although Slovenia usually tries to promote itself with the 'oom-pah' accordion Alpine polka and other stiles of music, which is not traditionally Slovenian Music, but rather, I would say, Slovenian Pop Music. Slovenia is a small country, so it's nice to meet anyone connected with this land, because it doesn't happen that often. So the young group of Canadian Slovenians were happy to meet us and finally to have something they can identify with, and we were happy to meet Slovenians raised in a totally different culture.

Of course it seams to me that everyone in the Lula Lounge felt connected, the venue was not full of people, but I guess something special happened that night and only people that were there, including us musicians, know what.

We also had three very different concerts at Chicago world music festival. The first was a short one with an interview for the radio. It was very spontaneous because we had just arrived to Chicago that day and had a long sleep, and then the concert simply happened. You can check one or two songs on YouTube video clips:
Brina at The Chicago Cultural Center on WLUW

The other two were different like night and day. At MCA the audience was far away in their seats, supporting us quietly. It was again something special for me, because those are the moments, where you must create the music all by yourself and then give it to people to taste it, and you find out at the end if they liked it.

Next evening I was convinced from the very first moment we came to the stage at
Chicago cultural center, that the people there just loved to hear us. They were free of all the obstacles applauding to us from the beginning of the concert to the very end. Whoever played a solo that night received an enormous and cheerful response from the audience. It was good, close to being funny, and full of optimism for us to go on to the next gigs on our first North American tour. I wish we could go there again ...

Brina V

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